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Microsof recently unveiled the HoloLens 2 Mixed Truth headset kit on Cell World. but there may be even bigger problems in advance. In a meeting with Australian Monetary Evaluate, HoloLens designer Alex Kipman thinks that Microsof wants to create a headset that will imitate reading through glasses, with an infinite area of ​​vision. In his interview with Reading Glasses Market: the book, Kipman notes that Microsoft staff can at some point create a helmet adapted to a reading-glasses.biz brands person's vision area. What Kipman talks about can be accomplished as a "dummy manifestation," something that is not really available in today's HoloLens. This technique allows holograms to have optimal quality only in the individual vision of an individual worn by HoloLens, but to dissolve them in the four corners, in the public view. This may symbolize an improvement in the HoloLens of the current generation, where the holograms estimated with the helmet diminish as the consumption techniques improve them. The HoloLens 2 headset from Microsoft already controls just as much the attention of our audience as two thousand watches to improve. Kipman tells the money periods that these two elements are likely to generate an unlimited field of view, but indicates that "users will have to wait for HoloLens 3 just before starting to see the results." "Do it again a few times and you clearly talk about wearing two glasses," said Kipman. "We are moving HoloLens 3 Headset forward, to go in the direction of what will ultimately look like a reading through glasses with an infinite zone of vision.

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