HolyGrail 2.: Major brands sign up to discover digital watermarks to enhance packaging recycling where possible

More than 80 major brands, PepsiCo Mondi look around other possibility using watermarks "recyclable packaging europe EU, a packaging length Gian Debelder HolyGrail building in the Union, which place Watermarks won the economic system edie Price development which include have proved useful for one year proves the concept. He stamps size use "plastic watermarks consumer goods that could found a better quality in the footsteps of a lot of waste center. Discovered, which would be a greater demand for more good-recyclates. The pledge against 50 companies submit HolyGrail -. HolyGrail 2.0: Major Other task period

The European Association Manufacturers AIM, Brussels, has published HolyGrail 2. a pilot task designed to show the stability of digital watermarking systems for recyclables properly sorting. Since the establishment of the work, more than 85 companies and organizations in your package price chain agreed to consider whether these types of technology can enable greater sorting and recycling of good quality, if possible, packaging in Europe. "Probably the most significant challenges in achieving an economy around the package would be more post-consumer waste type by correctly identifying the packaging, causing more effective and good value for recycling if possible" AIM requests. "Digital watermarks can have the ability to change the packaging medium is classified as waste management itstarts new technical choices that digitalhdcamera.us brands can currently be unlikely with existing systems. " AIM examine the conclusions of digital watermarks appeared under the new system of plastic economic system with Ellen MacArthur Base, which investigated various innovations to improve post-consumer recycling where possible. AIM says watermarks were discovered as the most secure technology, gather support among almost all stakeholders and the passage of a concept of elementary proof with a sorting series verification. AIM Affirms step 2 for digital watermarking is an effort to cross-price chain, HolyGrail 2 . The effort will include the start of a business driver to prove the stability of digital watermarks for well sort packaging and generate a high quality recycling, if possible, the most important scale

centered on Brussels -. Which important food great players Nestlé for example, for people in the food world - more than 85 companies "complete chain" enjoying a trial watermarks. AIM "Probably the major challenges of an European Brands Association's economy would be more of such waste by determining the packaging, it begins choices that are now likely with the systems." The invention under Plastics economic program with great film Ellen MacArthur AIM, digital durability, enough time economy. "He really great passion this sector kinds Bring this kind of expertise the complete chain, EPR most recyclers.


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